Illuminated Hebrew Calligraphy and Micrography

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, is an ancient and traditional Jewish art form. I am proficient in Hebrew calligraphy in a variety of styles, and would be happy to discuss custom commissions. Ideas for calligraphic pieces include: ketubbot (marriage contracts — see below), amulets, shivitis (meditation plaques), Bible verses or rabbinic sayings, copies of historical manuscripts, name cards, wedding or bar/bat mitzvah invitations, Torah portions, or other meaningful texts.


The ketubbah (כתובה, literally “written text”) is one of the most distinctive and treasured aspects of the Jewish wedding. A kind of contract, the ketubbah outlines the couple’s responsibilities for each other and their mutual commitments to the new home they will build together. Traditionally written in Aramaic and Hebrew, today many couples also choose to include English in their ketubbah text.

Since the Middle Ages, Jewish communities around the world have decorated and illuminated their ketubbot with colourful borders, verses from the Hebrew Bible and lines of poetry, symbols of protection and prosperity, and an infinite variety of animals and plants.

I am inspired by the centuries of Jewish artistic traditions for ketubbot and strive to infuse my contemporary ketubbot with a connection to that lineage, while creating a unique artistic document for each couple that speaks to them.